Our little trove began from humble beginnings, with a dream that started many moons ago. 

As time went past, the vision felt like more of an expansive universe, too big to consume. We didn’t know where to begin. Our simple brainstorms soon felt like an overwhelming mystery with endless possibilities. 

Firmly grounded in our mutual love of wanderlust, enchantment, and seeking inspiration from our muses' intrinsic sense of moxie. 

We seek the simple things in life and share with you our creativity and excitement for celestial treasures.

You are now transported into our collection of intuitively selected magick offerings and sacred tools to enhance your spiritual practice. 

Every piece has been lovingly chosen with clear intention and purpose.

We hope you enjoy your journey through our trove of wonders, just as much as we had putting it together for you.


When you’ve got the moxie , you need the magick to match. 

Moxie; force of character, courageous spirit and determination, perseverance. 

Magick; wonderful, exciting, create, change




Moxie Magick

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