Chakra - Crown

Zodiac - Taurus

Element - Earth, Water

Colour - White 


Selenite is a delicate crystal celebrated for the transparency and ethereal radiance. This crystal was named from the Greek word selēnē (Moon). Like the moon, it reflects a pure beam of light into its surroundings. This is known to cleanse and purify the space around you, your own aura/energy, and other crystals.

Selenite is THE crystal you need to cleanse. On the days where you feel a little cloudy, use selenite to help shift your stagnant energy and release blocked emotions, to help cleanse and clear your body. It’s like the best friend we all need… uplifting, helpful and dependable. 

Selenite can also be found in beautiful formations from wands, bowls and charging plates. We recommend using these tools around the house to purify each room and radiate the good energies. Selenite is one of the few crystals that can cleanse itself and other stones. If you have a selenite piece you can recharge your other crystals to amplify their properties. 

Selenite is known to promote effective business practices as well as honesty in all types of relationships. When smudging your home or workspace we recommend a selenite wand to help you waft the smoke around the corners of your sanctuary. Smudging is great to do when you move venues, want to move along an unwanted energy, or to reset and start afresh. At the end of each day we recommend cleansing your aura. A charged selenite wand can help you achieve this. 

✧ Out with the old juju, in with the new. ✧ 

Selenite is a soft mineral and is known to chip and dissolve in water. Do not cleanse this stone with water. We recommended charging its energies under a full moon. 

AFFIRM: I cleanse this space of old, blocked, negative energies and I call in light and love to fill my aura and sanctuary. 

  • cleanses and purifies
  • balances
  • mental clarity
  • reflects negative energy 
  • releases blocked emotions
  • charges other crystals

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