Mangano Calcite

Chakra - Heart

Zodiac - Taurus, Libra, Cancer

Element - Fire

Colour - Pink


Mangano Calcite is Moxie Magick’s favourite crystal… Ssshhhhh don’t tell the others. This stone reminds us of fairy floss clouds, and has delicate healing properties that only fairies could have created. 

As a heart chakra stone, Mangano Calcite is known to promote emotional balance and healing. It is exceptional at giving your self worth and self-love a boost. Helping us steer ourselves to a road of forgiveness and healing. Mangano Calcite is here to heal our soul from past traumas, pain, grief, fear and heartbreak - these are all problems of the past. 

We suggest absorbing its abilities during meditation. Hold your tumble stone in one hand, inhale and exhale deeply, connect to your stone and absorb the healing powers of the pink calcite. 

If you’re needing help with increasing your intuitive abilities Mangano Calcite will connect you yourself and see clearly in romantic relationships.  

We think soulmate vibes are coming your way…

AFFIRM: I believe in myself, and my ability for my heart to heal. I am loved; I am confident in myself; I radiate loving energy. 



  • self-love
  • compassion
  • forgiveness 
  • empathy
  • release trauma and grief
  • connection

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