Clear Quartz

Chakra - Crown

Zodiac - All

Planet - Sun

Element - All (Earth, Fire, Water, Air)

Colour - White


Clear Quartz  is the ultimate magickal all rounder. It is often referred to as the “master healer” as it aids in opening up all chakras.

This stone connects with your mind and neutralises your surroundings. It regulates energy, brings the body into balance and resets your aura. 

It also amplifies other crystals and helps to promote resilience. The benefit of using this stone for healing and meditation is that it brings clarity to your intentions for a more enlightened point of view. 

Clear Quartz is a strong cleansing crystal to have around your home or workplace, specifically around sunlight in big open spaces, as it refracts light and can cast a rainbow like appearance. 

It also aids concentration and strips away negative thoughts. Renewing positivity and focus into your environment can promote new ideas and unlocks memory. 

AFFIRM: I am cleansed of any energy that no longer serves my highest self, and my heart and mind remain open to love and abundance.  



  • healing
  • brings clarity
  • strength
  • cleanses and purifies
  • amplifies other crystals and energies
  • spiritual wisdom

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